• Bat System


(CBAT) Cellular Broadband Alarm Transceiver


Received the Security Industry Association’s Award for best in “Residential / Monitoring Solutions.”




ipDatatel’s Cellular and Broadband Alarm Transceiver, the “Cellular BAT,” works with all alarm control panels that utilize Contact-ID to provide secure and cost-effective Dual Path – IP / Cellular alarm transmissions, virtual keypad, and notification.


  • DUAL PATH - IP & CELLULAR ALARM TRANSMISSIONS: The Cellular BAT replaces outdated conventional phone lines to provide high-speed dual path of IP Internet and Cellular alarm transmission. Alarm transmissions are made using Contact ID format, and this format can be sent to your Central Station via the PSTN to your alarm receiver or can be transmitted directly by IP. Alarm signals such as open/close, trouble, supervisory, latch-key, and monitoring of special devices, can be routed directly to your Central Station or to the customer. Transmissions such as open/close signals can be filtered to the Central Station reducing costs on monitoring fees.
  • VIRTUAL KEYPAD: Your customers can have a full-featured Virtual Keypad when connected to a Honeywell, DSC, or GE Interlogix alarm control. Other alarm controls can utilize the systems key-switch and have a Virtual Keypad to arm/disarm the system. The Virtual Keypad application operates on a smartphone that connects in about five seconds. The Cellular BAT’s virtual keypad is compatible with iPhone, Android and most computer web browsers. Alarm history event log is also provided at the touch of a button. The application “ ipFob “ is free to download at the Apple App Store or Android / Google Play. ipFob is now available with dealer branding. Thermostat, lighting, and lock controls utilize the ZigBee protocol.
  • ALARM NOTIFICATIONS: The Cellular BAT also provides notifications for alarm, supervisory, trouble, and open/close signals. Notifications by text and email identify the alarm system address, alarm signal and zone, and alarm signal description. Notifications usually arrive to your customers in about five seconds. ipDatatel also provides an exclusive feature of notifications via computerized voice for customers who wish to receive a phone call (where they may not want text or email messages).
  • INTERACTIVE SERVICES: Smart Devices that include the ZigBee protocol Radio Thermostat, Lighting Controls, and Lock Controls are managed by the ipDatatel Gateway, which can be purchased separately. Smart ZigBee devices have up to a 50-foot range and devices can be daisy-chained to increase range.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The Cellular BAT can either connect to the alarm panel’s keypad bus on approved models or utilize the panel’s Tip and Ring for Contact ID transmissions. The Internet is connected using a standard RJ45 plug that is connected to the customer’s broadband Internet router/switch and the Cellular CDMA transmits wirelessly over the cellular network. The Cellular BAT automatically seeks an IP address and there is no required programming for the router/switch. Setting up your Cellular BAT is simple and is programmed through the dealer’s branded website portal.
  • Sale Price $169.99 + $180.00 Year For Alarm Reporting Service
  • You can add Central Station Mointoring for $24.95 a month